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Mobile Phones Now and Then

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Mobile phones now and then…
After   100 meter turn right, communicated Jodie in the newest handset by the   popular mobile phone company. We are using hi-tech mobile phones every day. We would survive without the internet or computer but our life nowadays is so devoted to communication that without mobile phones we would probably have our day seriously complicated. Mobile phones were slightly different few decades ago. This essay is going to present some history together with the main differences.
Firstly, I would like to consider the prize and availability of a mobile phone back in 1980s. As It was quite a technical innovation, it’s prize was very high. Not everyone could afford one. During 1990s and 2000s, new mobile phone companies sprung up, persuading each other to compete. There was no monopoly then, so the prices went down and the quality highly grown up. As a result, the number of mobile phone users had grown up, too, from about 12,4 million users in 1990s up to approximately 5,6 billion in 2010s.
Can you fit your mobile phone into your pocket ? I believe it’s not a big deal even if there’s already a wallet inside. The first mobile phone was invented in 1973 and it’s weight with a size of a brick was about one kilogram. It is nearly a weight of our modern netbook.
Of course the netbook now is a way more functional than a one kilo brick-phone was in 1970s. The prior function of the phone was, is and will always be to make phone calls regardless to your position. Apart from it, the old handsets offered short messages system. So called SMSs had to be really short, because of the display, which was able to show up to 20 sings in one line. Of course the text was scrolling, but you wouldn’t like to wait until the whole long message is displayed, would you ?
To catch customers, mobile phone companies decided to equip their devices with some simple games, calculator and a calendar. This operation required more advanced display, but still, the display was...


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