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Advaced Computer Achitecter

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What are the different hardware multithreading techniques?
  * There are three main hardware approaches to multithreading:
  * Fine-grained multithreading-It switches between threads on each clock and cause execution of instructions to be interleaved.
  * Coarse-grained multithreading: Switches threads only on costly stalls such as level two or three cache misses.
  * Simultaneous multithreading: Allows multiple instructions from independent threads to be executed without considering dependences between them.
Discuss Flynn’s taxonomy.
  * Flynn’s taxonomy was first proposed by Michael J. Flynn in 1966.
  * It is a specific classification of parallel computer architectures that are based on the number of concurrent instruction (single or multiple) and data streams (single or multiple) available in the architecture.
  * The four categories in Flynn's taxonomy are the following:
      * Single Instruction stream, Single Data stream (SISD)
      * Multiple Instruction streams, Single Data stream (MISD)
      * Single Instruction stream, Multiple Data streams (SIMD)
      * Multiple Instruction streams, Multiple Data streams   (MIMD)
Define Chip multiprocessing.
  * Chip multiprocessing is a performance increasing technology.
  * Chip Multiprocessing (CMP), duplicates or multiplies the entire processor core with almost all of its subsystems on a single die.
  * CMP processor could fit into an existing computer and multiply the number of processors available in the box
  * It is also possible to "simply" co-package two already existing and only slightly modified processors with some additional logic, which will behave exactly as a dual-core die.

Define MIMD.
  * Multiple Instruction streams, Multiple Data streams (MIMD) is a technique employed to achieve   parallelism.
  * Machines using MIMD have a number of processors that function asynchronously and independently. At any time, different processors may be executing different...


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