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Nobility Is Hicks Middle Name

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Albert Brito 

Ms. Oddo

English 11-5

8 March 2012 

        Nobility is Hucks middle name

       In Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn there are a couple of noble characters but the first that comes to mind is Huck. Huck is noble because he shows his generosity and courage ness towards Jim when saving him. Huck went against what his mind was molded in learning and listened to what his heart was telling him to do which was to save Jim.
         Huck shows that he has courage because he goes on and does something that someone of his race and wouldn't do for a slave like Jim which was to risk his life to save him. Huck plans on saving Jim because that what his heart is telling him to do and also because Jim has become his best friend during their little journey to freedom. "All right, then, I'll go to hell"(Twain 162). This shows us that Huck doesn't care what his mind is telling him to do he is going with his heart which is telling him to save Jim even if it means he'll go to hell. Shows Hucks courage to even say he is willing to go to hell for a friend.
        Generosity is also something Huck has and shows. Huck is generous because he could have done what any other white person at his time would have done which is forget about the slave and just think about themselves but not Huck. Huck actually shows how much he cares for Jim that he has the heart to go back and save the life of not just a slave but to him a dear friend. "And that is, there's a nigger here that I'm a trying to steal out of slavery-and his name is Jim"(Twain 170). Huck here tells us that he is going to save Jim which tells us he is risking his life for Jim his friend.
       Throughout the book Huck shows his nobility towards Jim and that's what saves Jim's life in the end was that Huck really came threw and wa noble to a friend. This shows the development Hucks made from listening to his dismantled mind to listening to his heart which was telling him the right thing.


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