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Design Analysis: Schroder House

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Analysis: The Schrὃder House
The Schroder House was produced by Geriit Reitveld in 1924. Geriit Reitveld originally started in the product design business. One of his famous works was the Red and Blue Chair, which he has based his whole house around. It was produced in Utrecht, the Netherlands and was later restored by Bertus Mulder becoming a museum open for visits. The Schroder House is a house produced in the Inter-War Period from 1915-1940. The House is an original of Geriit Reitveld’s Work. The Materials were Concrete and Brick ‘n’ Plaster, the Brick and Plaster was for the Walls and the Concrete for the Balconies and Foundations. The Schroder house is a house with 5+ rooms and approximately 900 m2.  

The Schroder house is environmentally designed due to it being designed for the human environment. The colours used in the house are Blue, Yellow, Red and Grey however the main colour is Grey. In the picture of the Design Textbook the light source is the sun and due to this light source there are shadows under the porches/balconies. The Main Texture of the Building is a very solid like texture. It has a bold surface that makes it look neat and clean showing a more professional look to the outside of the building. A Pattern used is like the Piet Mondrian painting which show similarities like De Stijl. In Creating the Schroder House there would have been a lot of thought put towards the colour scheme of the outside of the house especially due to it being   based on a chair.

There is a more horizontal format to the Schroder house. It was designed in mind of small families. The Schroder house shows a feeling of depth and perspective through the colours and the way the house is shaped. The Layout is very square but not symmetrical and by adding depth and colour it makes it look very interesting. The House looks very compelling because it looks like if it didn’t have the colour it would be very blank.

The Schroder House has a nice, cosy feel to it because it’s...


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