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I Have Nothing to Say

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“I have nothing to say” she thought to herself. She looked around and all she wanted to do was nap. “I have to do this” seems like she was trying to convince herself. It’s funny how a thought works. She was like a shore and all her thoughts coming and going like waves. She can’t help it. She can’t force it. She can’t deny it. She is sitting there on her desk. Beautiful black eyes being gently hug by those long eyelashes. Dispersed in a sheet of paper. She held her breath and took a look at the window. She can see a magnificent view of the pond. She exhaled and one more time she was full of hope and wonder. “Everything is not lost if we have that view” “There must be some sort of hope somewhere, somehow”. She realized she was talking to herself out loud this time. She smiled. Her desk was untied. Every time she tries to work everything get messy. She just can’t focus. The room was painted dark blue and all the moldings where white. Nice, clean, magazine style. The kind that makes you wonder if that old fashion cabinet that combines perfectly with the couch was made in 1820 or if it is from the last collection of pottery barn. It was a beautiful room after all. A place to work and have fun. One hour after realizing that she didn’t have anything to say or maybe she just didn’t wanted she felt a breath on her neck. Surprisingly she was not frightened. She knew that even that she was alone in that room there was always something waiting to catch her. And those things were her thoughts. One comes to her and shows her all the amazing things that she had in her life. How she could breathe and how life was a miracle. That thought was spectacular. The voice inside of that thought sounded like music. She asked her is this real? And the voice said: "As real as the fact that a bee can’t fly but it doesn't know about it." You should see her eyes. They were bright. It seems like there was nothing going on that could drown her down. She was in peace. But then of course that...


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