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Growth of Cyber Security

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The Growth of Cyber Security.

  1. Introduction.
    a. What is cyber security?
    b. Importance of cyber security.

  2. Types of cyber crime
  a. Credit card fraud.
  b. Phishing
  c. Investment fraud
  d. Hacking

  3. How to avoid cyber crime
  a. Profile of cyber perpetrators (cybercriminals)
  b. Victims

  4. Conclusion.

  5. References.
  a. FBI website
  b. Cybercrime: Criminal Threats from Cyberspace by Susan W. Brenner. (Book)
  c. Encyclopedia of cybercrime by Samuel McQuade (Book)
  d. Principle of Cybercrime by Jonathan Clough (Book)
  e. Freedom from Fear magazine.
  f. Center for Strategic and International Studies (Internet document)
  g. Bright hub website.

The Growth of Cyber Security.

Cyber security has become a vital tool in effort to defend and secure the cyberspace.
Cyber security is a security practice that is used to counteract different forms of cyber attacks from cyber criminals. In other word, cyber security is a practice that detects, avoids abuse and misuse of computer systems.
Importance of cyber security:
The world has demonstrated the growth of cutting edge in information technology particularly in computer industry. Technology has grown up to the point that most activities in businesses such as banks, schools, government entities involve the use of computers or transfer of data from one point of the world to the other. We also have seen the improvement in data transfer technology whereby broadband technology has dominated in internet industry. People in rural areas have adopted the use of broadband internet to meet their needs. Rural businesses have been adopting more e-commerce and Internet practices, improving competence and expanding market reach. Some rural retailers use the Internet to satisfy supplier requirements. These activities need protection from bad guys (cyber criminals)

Healthcare industries have been adopting the usage of internet such as...


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