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Marriage Is Human Rights Regardless of Sex

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Marriage is Human Rights Regardless of Sex

Same-sex marriage is becoming a social phenomenon around the world. This kind of marriage first appeared in the twenty-first century when an increasing number of countries and states amended marriage law to allow same-sex couple getting married legally. Additionally, starting from the late twentieth century there has been a growing number of movements to fright for the recognition of marriage as a fundamental human rights that should be extended to same-sex couples (Moumneh 2009; Human Rights Watch 2009; Adam, Duyvendak, and Krouwel 1999, as cited in Chamie & Mirkin, 2011). As a result of successful legal and social movements, more and more same-sex couples are going public of their relationship and tie the knots legally which have been an inconceivable act in the old days. By the end of 2009, the available data suggested that the total cumulative number of same-sex marriages that had legally taken place worldwide was nearly 100,000. (Chamie & Mirkin, 2011) Yet, this figure was said to be underestimated.
While the number of legal same-sex marriage is on an increase, the controversies and the voice of opposition are also soaring. A survey sponsored by the Alliance Defense Fund in 2011 reveals that a majority of 53% of Americans across the country strongly oppose the idea of same-sex marriage. This result is noticeable in revealing that the public still see the same-sex couple with prejudiced viewpoint regardless of how the law has changed. However, it is reasonable and necessary for the legal marriage rights to be extended to include those between gays and lesbians in order to practice full human rights on every single human being.
Many people have tried to define the word “marriage” when writing on the subject of heterosexual or homosexual marriage. According to U.S. Supreme Court, marriage is “one of the basic civil rights of men” “essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men” (1967, as cited...


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