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The Witch Trial

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The Witch Trial (1958)
The short story (/the book) is set in the 17th Century (in time of the witch hunts).

Katherine “Kit” Tyler: the main character, an independent, strong willed, kind girl
Police Woman: does not think much of the witch trial and has compassion with the girls
Magistrates and Ministers
Kit’s Uncle (Matthew Wood): defends Kit in the process
Goodman Cruff: accused Kit of witchcraft; later reasonable
Goodwife Cruff: crazy woman, who thinks her child is bewitched
Prudence Cruff: a tough and clever little girl
Nathaniel „Nat“ Eaton: a seaman (and maybe Kit’s love?)

In the chapter "The Witch Trial" of the book "From The Witch of Blackbird Pond," written by Elizabeth George Speare, is about the sixteen-year-old Kit Tyler, who was accused of witchcraft.
Shortly after Kit's move to their Puritan relatives, she begins to rebel against things like witch hunt. Because she was accused, she have to spend a night in a cold shed. A police woman brings her some food and explains Kit what will happen to her. She shows great compassion and tells Kit that she does not value this work. A short time later, Kit is brought to the townhouse. She gets told that Goodman Cruff accused her, because of her friendship to the "witch" Hannah Tupper. She is examined and questioned by the magistrates and the ministers. Kit says that she and Hannah were friends, that she visited her often and that the "ghost cat", how the judge called it, is just an ordanary cat. But other people accuse Kit, she would enchant children and someone have seen her dancing around a fire. Kit's uncle, who also sits in the round, defends his niece. But suddenly Goodman Cruff hands a copy book to the judge, which was found Hannah Tupper's house. On it is written   the name of his daughter Prudence, who can (nach den Kenntnissen der Eltern) neither read nor write. Kit is asked if she had written the name, which she affirm. The magistrate notice that the name is written over...


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