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Photographs Not Taken

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Photographs Not Taken


Some good points:

  1. The growing “crisis” of photography has to do with the role of images in a media-saturated world. It is an instinctive response to the technologized, spectacular world, a mad cataloging that often resembles nothing so much as a vast collection of toenail cuttings. Does it matter??
  2. To be and to shoot
  3. “Many of the photographers offer descriptions or lists of pictures they wish they had taken, but they seem to recognize that attracted the to those moments in the first place were often qualities or intuitions of reality that no picture could express.”
  4. “The desire to photograph the whole world, all of it, is not an attempt to recover or create memories. It is a need to affirm experience as expressible, if not comprehensible, and to create an aura of talismanic protection. Sometimes to gain that affirmation, you have to give up pursuing it.”

Elinor Carucci:

Being a mother and a photographer, she is torn between the two. She says that once she had twins, she was battling between the photographer within her as well as being a mother. When she did choose photography, every photo to her became a second of guilt—a second of her neglecting her children. She says that the fundamental challenge of motherhood is to be a mother. “The photographer declared war on the mother. And in those daily wars, the mother in me usually wins,” The majority if photographs are not being taken. When she decides to set so many limits, she pays the price with limited images—which makes her torn Most of the images she takes are stored in her eyes.

  1. Battling herself between the photographer within and being a mother.
  2. “The photographer declared war on the mother. And in those daily wars, the mother in me usually wins,”

Kaylynn Deveney

For her she usually knows and develops relationships with those who she photographs. With these types of photos there are many photos that she chooses not to...


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