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An Evaluation of the Legacy Left by Che in the Radical Ideas and Political Behaviour of Latin America.

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Ernesto ”Che” Guevara

“An apostle of the Immaculate Revolution"

A judicious evaluation of the legacy left by Che in the radical ideas and political behaviour of Latin America.

"Podran cortar las flores, pero no detendran la primavera."
"You may cut the flowers, but it will not stop the spring."

(Popular Latin American proverb)

The very intention of mine is to provide the reader with concise, plausible yet entertaining account of Ernesto Guevara’s immense influence of Latin American political movements. Moreover, I will attempt to get behind his legend and try to find the reasons as to why he appealed and still does to numerous political fractions as well as ordinary people. In my very modesty, it is hoped the reader shall enjoy it, and if my skill does not fail me, perhaps even appreciate it. As in strice structural terms, the given work is fragmented into a number of sections which shall help the reader in moving through the vast array of information that impatiently awaits to be explored... Ergo there will be a laconic sub-intro presenting the facts from Che’s life as they were crucial in creating the later iconic, if not mythical position of his. However, the very core section of given study as the subtitle indicates will be the one in which I sculpt my argument on the causes of Che’s seemingly never ending presence in Latin American politic life... Consequently, the number of examples should illustrate Che’s visible then-and-now legacy laid upon Latin American socio-political movements. Finally after presenting all facets of Che’s legend, it will be time to recap and perhaps draw some predictions as of the future.

The beginnings
What made Guevara such an iconic and influential among Latin American masses, not to mention the rest of the world? To answer it one must trace the beginnings of his existence. Che was born in 1928 in Rosario, Argentina and when he was only eight weeks old he...


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