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A Midsummer Night`S Dream

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Throughout the play "MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM" by Willliam Shakespeare, we find many hints about the roles of men and women in their life. I think the most important theme of the play is male dominance and women to obey them. The women are forced and obligated to do as the men say. Often They accept to play roles set by the men.... The men are the authority figures in a relationship. In MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, male dominancy not only exists between couples, but also between father and daughter. "Since she belongs to me, I can do what I want with her—as the law says: I can either make her marry Demetrius—or have her killed” seems that A woman's entire existence, and her act in her private and emotional life, is controlled by a powerful male figure, as it is shown by Egeus's possessiveness toward his daughter Hermia. The men treat women like objects. "To you your father should be as a god, You’ll either be executed or you’ll never see another man again" Theseus who also agrees with Hermia's father, is content with the Athenian law of male dominance. Theseus shows pride in winning his bride in the battle with the Amazons. By defeating   the female warrior and marrying her, he fulfills his egoism. Oberon, the king of fairies, also wants women to be dominated by men. The quarrel between Titania and Oberon begins from Titania's focus of attention towards an Indian boy. Oberon uses his authority as her husband to force Titania to give up the boy, and he is shocked when she disobeys him and leaves. Oberon refuses to accept defeat and tricks Titania with the magic love potion into giving the boy to him. This shows that men need to win over women in order to prove their power and sense of self. Lysander and Demetris' objectifying of women are more evident. Demetrius had sworn his love to Helena before the play began. Now he hates her and wants to marry Hermia despite Helena's devotion to him. To my mind Shakespeare tries to show how men play with love, promising eternal love...


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