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Analysis of the Jaw Crusher Producing Dust Source

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Analysis of the jaw crusher producing dust source_Ivylm522in prosperous Heavy vertical crusher in place before starting by observing the hole to check eddy broken cavity whether the ore bed, and if not, should whirl crushing cavity accumulation of material particle size not more than 25mm of material until the material gravity, the formation of the ore bed.Check the impeller direction of rotation from the feed inlet, the impeller should be counter-clockwise rotation, otherwise it should be adjusted to the motor wiring.The starting order for the broken machine and material handling equipment as follows: the feed belt conveyor discharge opening belt conveyor → 5x new Sand Jaw Crusher → crusher must be no-load starting, must be broken machine in normal operation only after feeding.Feed Size in strict accordance with the provisions of all kinds of feed size, feed, is strictly prohibited materials greater than the specified size into the crusher, otherwise it will cause excessive wear of the imbalance of the impeller and impeller, and even cause clogging impeller circulation and center feeding tube, the crusher is not working properly, when the discovery of bulk materials should be promptly removed.Discharge belt conveyor to stop running, you should immediately stop feeding and discharge belt conveyor should be open and feeding system interlock.Parking.Otherwise it will create breaks the impeller, which burned motor.Feeding should be uniform and continuous.Broken in the process of machine operation, shall not have excessive vibration and abnormal ball mill noise, whether it should be immediately stopped and checked, to drive in order to troubleshoot.Broken in the process of machine work, observation doors should be sealed tightly closed, install the belt cover. Routine maintenance and security technology is important, it is necessary to learn this step we will be operating after regular shutdown Open observation door to check broken internal parts wear, each...


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