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How Can India Became a World Guru

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Maxfort school                                                           FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT 2
                Class Iv
Subject: English                                                                               Date: 20/7/2012
______________________________________________________________           Instructions for the students:                                                                                                                                                                                  
  * Please read the questions carefully.
  * Try to present your work neatly
  1. Choose the correct Simple Present Tense form:-
  a) The judicial system ________________________ the citizens’ right.
  (i) To safe guard     (ii) safe guard                   (iii) safe guards               (iv) saved  
  b) I _____________________ cheese burger.
  (i) Not liking (ii) am not liking (iii) don’t like (iv) didn’t like
  c)   Mansi __________________ for a walk every goes.
  (i) go (ii) goes (iii) have gone (iv) went
  d) Children ____________________ a lot of noise.
  (i) Made (ii)makes (iii)make (iv) made
  e) Shilpa ______________________ loud music very much.
(i) Likes (ii) liked (iii) likening (iv) like
  2. Read the following questions and choose answers in reference to your context:-
  (A) Boppanna smiled looking at the pebbles lying at the base of the pot. Why do you think he did so?
  (i) Because god willing, only these pebbles gave homes to them
  (ii) Cheated the townsfolk’s
  (iii) He was cruel and heartless
  (iv) Showed the town folks that the villagers were gentle people

  (B) Long period of little or no rainfall can cause drought. Tick that option which describes drought?
  (i) Green valley
  (ii) Prosperous town
  (iii) Cool water
  (iv) Wide stretched of caked earth

  (C) The...


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