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Xingbang Mill Summer Sales

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Xingbang Mill summer sales
    cement mill is widely used in cement, silicate, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous mineral processing as well as glass, ceramics and other manufacturing industry, a variety of ores and other grind-able materials for dry-type or wet grinding.Common Failures and methods: for cement mill, ball mill operation, a regular beat sound, and sound great.Is part of the liner bolts do not tighten the liner knocking the ball mill grinding cylinder rotation in the ball mill.Find loose bolts, otherwise fastening parts of ball mill liner, based on sound judgment. 2, ball mill and motor bearing temperature more than the prescribed.Hand try to touch bearing partial or all of the high temperature processing mill from a few to check. (1) The right of various parts of the of the check the ball mill of the lubrication points, used by the lubricating oil Grades with the device whether the the factory manual the consistent. (2) Check the ball mill lubricants and greases whether deterioration. (3) Check the ball mill lubrication pipe is blocked, or lubricating oil is no direct access to the lubrication points, lack of fuel causes fever. (4) ball mill side of the gap is too small, the bush and shaft clearance is too large, the contact point too much, can not form a uniform oil film Rotary Kiln bearing on. (5) ball mill roller bearing grease too much or too little, excessive formation of the rolling element to stir the grease to produce heat, and heat is not easy to shed.Too few poor lubrication, should be required to add a little oil, usually bearing gap of jaw crusher 1/3 to 1/2 is more appropriate. (6) ball mill grinding the ends of the hollow shaft seals tightly or seal body iron in contact directly with the axis. The above problems, according to the reason for processing, except the bushing side of the gap is too small, or the bottom of the contact angle is jaw crusher   too large, it must be grinding cylinder...


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