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Report Writing
What is a Report?
A report is a communication or advice, from a person who has collected and studied the facts, to a person who has asked for the report because s/he needs it for a specific purpose. Often the ultimate function of a report is to provide a basis for decision and action. The reports must always be planned and communicated in a way which suits the receiver ( reader/ listener). Reports can be Oral, Written or visual, long or short.
Technical writing is NOT used to:
    • Entertain
    • Create suspense
    • Invite differing interpretations

    • Many engineers spend between 1/3 and 1/2 of their work time engaged in technical writing. Examples include:
    • proposals
    • regulations
    • manuals
    • procedures
    • technical reports
    • progress reports
    • emails
    • memos

Four Functions
    • To present compressed data, to provide specific information.
    • To present the findings and conclusions after the analysis of data.
    • To help the reader in taking a decision
    • To enable the flow of information.

Three Main Objectives
    • To give information
    • To make decision
    • To keep record ( for legal purposes)

Reports can be transmitted in the form of:
    • Conversation
    • Demonstration
    • Letters
    • Memos
    • Fill-in-Forms
    • Many page Documents

They can be Classified according to:
• Length
    • Tone (formal/informal/semi-formal)
    • Subject matter (Engg./ financial/marketing/accident)
    • Timing (Daily/ weekly/ monthly : interim/ progress/final)
    • Importance (routine/special/urgent)
    • Style (Narrative/ descriptive/expository/pictorial/ statistical)
    • Distribution (inter-office/company/public/ private)

Essentials of a Good Report

    • Complete
    • Precise
    • Accuracy of the facts (Factual)
    • Reader Friendly
    • Objectivity
    • Clarity
    • Concise
    • Structure
    • Correct...


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