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Describe an historical or contemporary situation you have studied where Human Rights have been abused. How have people in this situation struggled to achieve Human Rights?

In this essay I will discuss a historical event where Human Rights were abused. I will also discuss how the people involved in these events fought and struggled to achieve their human rights.
The events we have studied in class which I will discuss are the struggle of African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement.   History teaches us that during the mid decades of the 20th century, African Americans living in some of the Southern states in the United States were mistreated, abused and killed by white Americans.

African Americans or “Colored’s” faced many difficulties and were not treated equal. They were lynched, beaten, discriminated against, and left with very little options about their education.   Also, as members of a faith such as Christianity, their churches were burned down and sacked. The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) or AKA the White Knights were an organization of white people who thought that whites were superior and they were against blacks and treated them like rubbish.

The white people put signs in shops, hotels and even water fountains with statements “Colored not allowed”.   This shows there was segregation during the Civil Rights Movement. If a black person were to be caught sitting in the wrong place at a restaurant they would be arrested. Segregation laws were called ‘Jim Crow Laws’ named after a character.

Blacks were forced to live in bad condition their housing was bad they didn’t have many job options they could vote but if they vote for the wrong person they got beaten up there access to education was wasn’t good since there was school segregation and all the places they went to were in really bad condition as well. But blacks worked together and they improved these conditions.

One of the most important voices during the Civil Rights Movement was Martin Luther...


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