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Nuclear Family vs Joint Family

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Nuclear family or joint family
I was lucky enough to see BOTH . I come from a generation where I saw

my parents , uncles and aunts living in a joint family system . I also

saw the advent of nuclear family system during my generation . Today ,

for the generation after ours .........the concept of joint family

system is becoming extinct like the dinosaurs .

the youngsters come to know about joint families in movies and serials

on TV. IT does prevail in rural India. You have your loved ones close

to you and they are always with you to give you guidance and support.

The culture remains alive and is passed on to the children more

efficiently in a joint family.
        All responsibilities are shared and during any problems-

emotional, financial, etc. the family is there to handle it together.

It is a big security system in itself. But it is fast dying in metros

due to economic conditions and lack of space. i want to given an

simple example why this practice is diminishing nowadays . my parents

lived in a joint family but later due to jobs in different cities all

the brothers spread here and there and finally it was just me, dad,

mom, granny and my sis. I don't think that can be actually called a

'nuclear' family. In fact in most families it is the same.
        I feel joint family is a great arrangement. House is always in

merry, everyone there to help. Elders being in the family keeps a sort

of discipline in the house and also guide their children in their



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