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Is Monetary Policy Alone Enough to Stimulate Economic Recovery?

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Topic:”Is monetary policy alone enough to stimulate economic recovery?”

Nowadays the global economic circumstances continued to pose various uncertainties and challenges such as the global economic recovery, European debt crisis, natural calamities and the outbreak of animal diseases, including political conflicts and others, all of which have resulted in negative impact on global economic growth particularly on social-economic development of countries worldwide. In fact, there are currently three huge issues that happening in the global economy. Firstly, the solidly political problems in Middle East Asia countries that seems to be expanded around their neighboring countries quickly, which we known in another name of happened situations as “Arab Spring” which means the Arab awakening relevant to a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests in dictatorship occurring in the Arab world such as Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq particularly. So as we know well these countries are a major oil source of the world how much they produce or supply to the world markets it would certainly directly affect to people’s lives all around the world – oil is something that any business cannot live without it whether they are small, medium, and especially big enterprises. So if the oil prices vary often due to the political events that happening right now it would also effect frankly on the global economy subsistence. Secondly, looks like being the breaking news so far that living the European countries or as we saw regularly in this period on TV about the European debt crisis – yes, all of these countries are a main part of the global economy in terms of being a big goods import-export market come from multi-intercontinental countries. Moreover, they are greatly important suppliers on foreign investments to around the world especially in Southeast and East Asia from the past to the present. For this reason, if the massive liabilities not drop out of this terrible circle in the...


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