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Diffrent Research Methods

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Task 2 Unit 4     |
Hasan Iqbal     |
Business Studies Mrs Mistry Yr 10       |
There are many different ways a person can collect information, but in the end they are all split in to two different groups. The first is primary data which is familiar to a lot of people and the second secondary data which is also very familiar. Both these groups are very different to each other but in the 21st century world secondary data is commonly used as a way of gaining information for many people.   So I will now split up the different forms of communication in to the two groups I mentioned earlier.
Primary- Also known as field research, you can find it in many forms such as:   questionnaires, surveys and interviews  
Secondary- also known as desk research you will find in such forms: internet, books/magazines, newspapers and reports  
Primary research of course has its advantages such as it can help develop skills and the data can be tailored to your own needs. This data is raw data which is collected first hand. Also, the data can reflect public views and is reliable. But, it can take time to process and if second hand data is easier why not just use that?
Secondary data has already been collected so that’s what makes it easier to get hold of. This also means that you can get a variety of information in a short amount of time. But secondary data can have its drawbacks; you could spend a good chunk of your time on sites that are irrelevant to what you want to find out. Furthermore the information you may find may not be reliable, it could be someone’s opinion or someone may have got a few pieces of information and put them together.   The reason I believe that secondary data is popular in this world is because of how easy it is to get, and with the fact that it is cheaper is also an advantage.
Internet research is what makes one group of research very popular, and I’m sure you can guess its secondary data. The reason this is secondary data is because, its simple the...


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