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Hongxing Crushers Deal Construction Debris Effectively

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The high-end mining machinery, ore dressing equipment, crushing equipment and key components development and market expansion are simultaneously quickened. Since the product quality and service consciousness are stressed, the overall competitiveness of the entire industry is strengthened. Product innovation capacity is the overriding factor which determines the status of enterprise in the global competition. Especially the mining industry should more ardently devote itself to upgrading and launch environmentally friendly and energy saving equipment. In recent years, with the increasing scale of Chinese cities and urban expansion, the annual emission of the urban living garbage is increasing at a rate of more than 10%. The dramatic increase of urban living garbage brings many problems, such as restricting the sustainable development, influencing the waste management and polluting the human living environment.

For a long time, most of the cities in China deal with the garbage by the original ways of storing them in the open air and naturally filling pits and trenches. These approaches make the harmful ingredients contained and produced by the garbage itself released into air, soil, and water, which cause a big influence on the environment and create potential hazard. Besides, such a large amount of garbage discarded in the environment not only causes a huge waste of resources and seriously pollutes the environment.

Due to the occupation of land, the pollution of atmosphere, water and oil, the destruction of the ecological environment, people's lives are seriously threatened. Without proper waste disposal methods may even exacerbate the harm to the environment such as incineration method inevitably produce dioxins, thus how to safely and effectively handle the municipal solid waste is particularly important.

Garbage crushing is a method of waste disposal (unit operation) which takes advantage of the effects of impact, shear and extrusion to crush the...


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