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Am I Depressed

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Am I depressed?

Statistics says that about 100 million people in the whole world suffer from mental disorder. Among patients with depression there are much more women than men (for example, as the result of postpartum syndrome). And what is worse that every year 40-65% of patients with major depression even commits a suicide. And if you don’t have good mood for a long time it is not the reason for thinking that you are with depression. Mental disorder or depression is quite difficult phenomenon which is caused by various agents. So if you ask yourself “Am I in depression?” then you can compare your state with the symptoms of depression, which are described below.

How to carry out depression diagnostics?

First of all, to treat any disease, including mental illnesses, one should know the symptoms. So the symptoms of depression can be the following:

the dejectedness or dysthymia which is the principal sign of depression

the loss of interest to life, to earlier received pleasures
the irritation of everything that surrounds the person

the fast changes of mood or cyclothymiacs

the low self-esteem and the decrease of self-confidence

the immanent feeling of guilt

the loss of appetite or, on the contrary, depressive gluttony

therefore, the addition or loss in weight

steady pessimism, that means the negative outlook on life

the constant fear of something (for instance, the feeling of inevitably approaching trouble, premonition of something terrible, the fear of death etc)

the dream failure (for example, insomnia or, contrarily, when a person constantly sleeps too much time a day)

the thoughts of self-harm and even sometimes of committing a suicide

the over-inhibited behavior

the feeling of loneliness and also many others.

Usually the patients with depression feel emotional pain, as they consider themselves to be lonely, miserable, unlucky and needless. And very often they are mad at themselves for they cannot be...


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