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How Important Is It to Relax and Switch Off from Work

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How important is it to relax and switch off from work-related issues after leaving the workplace?
Obviously, if one is well-matched with one's work, playing to one's strengths and fulfilled, it is less of an issue....one should not feel out of one's depth and one should be enjoying what one does. One can happily stay up all night playing computer games or reading a good book if that is pleasing and satisfying.... if work provides the same level of satisfaction, that is not necessarily an issue.

However, everyone needs to rest and sleep! A break can enable one to return to a task refreshed and with renewed enthusiasm ( that crossword clue with which you were struggling the night before so often comes to you in a flash the next morning when you look again). Build in some technology free time and feel the difference - discover conversation and family life again, rebuild relationships, relax, have fun, take air and exercise, and notice how quickly you get things done the next day!

Worksmart: Prioritise, organise, rationalise, think logically rather than emotionally. Ask for help when necessary. Delegate when required. With everything feeling under control there should be less stress and fewer sleepless nights.

Social support: Good friends and a good partner can offer moral support, but can also involve you in activities which take you away from work (and they need your attention too!). Plan leisure time like you plan your work activities.

Have a routine or work schedule, and stick to it! Take regular breaks. Try to do a good job, not a perfect one! Turn off the mobile! Go out and 'forget' to take it with you!

How to Create Work-Life Balance!
Digital detoxing became a trend after 5 world-class neuroscientists demonstrated amazing results and benefits when you do not check your Blackberry ten times a day: by day three, thinking was clearer, sharper and deeper. Ideas formed and stuck.

Good concentration and attention is vital to success; you cannot...


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