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A Joint Scheduling, Power Control, and Routing Algorithm for Multiple Flow Types in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

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A joint scheduling, power control, and routing
algorithm for Multiple flow types in ad hoc wireless
network design are routing, rate control, medium ac-
cess (scheduling) and power control. These building
blocks are divided into layers. Typically, routing is
considered in a routing layer and medium access in a
MAC layer, whereas power control and rate control
are sometimes considered in a PHY and sometimes
in a MAC layer. The traditional layered structure of
networks simplifies the design and implementation.
In wireless networking there is strong coupling among
the traditional layers of the OSI (open systems inter-
connection) architecture. These couplings are most
obvious in the ad hoc networks. Cross-layer design is
able to improve the network performance [2][3] . One
example of the coupling is between the routing in
the network layer and the access control in the MAC
(medium access control) sublayer. Several protocols
have been designed independently without consider-
ing the interactions between these layers. Therefore,
there is a need to provide joint solution for all these
problems with protocol interactions which can led
to increased network efficiency and Quality of Ser-
vice(QoS) support.
The cross layer design approach is an efficient
procedure used to solve several open issue of mobile
and wireless network. Cross layer design is used to
share the information between layer and promotes
adaptability at various layer based on information
exchange. The basic idea of cross layer approach
is to overcome performance problems by allowing
protocols belonging to different layers to cooperate
and share network status information to maintain
the quality of services. A cross layer design is par-
ticularly important for any network using wireless
Keywords: Wireless Ad hoc network ,cross layer
design, power control, scheduling, routing.
The networks in which the nodes communicate...


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