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Result Of Global Warming

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As a result of global warming, the type, frequency and
intensity of extreme events, such as tropical cyclones
(including hurricanes and typhoons), floods, droughts and
heavy precipitation events, are expected to rise even with
relatively small average temperature increases. Changes
in some types of extreme events have already been
observed, for example, increases in the frequency and
intensity of heat waves and heavy precipitation events
Climate change will have wide-ranging effects on the
environment, and on socio-economic and related sectors,
including water resources, agriculture and food security,
human health, terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity and
coastal zones. Changes in rainfall pattern are likely to
lead to severe water shortages and/or flooding. Melting of
glaciers can cause flooding and soil erosion. Rising
temperatures will cause shifts in crop growing seasons which
affects food security and changes in the distribution of
disease vectors putting more people at risk from diseases
such as malaria and dengue fever. Temperature increases
will potentially severely increase rates of extinction for many
habitats and species (up to 30 per cent with a 2° C rise in
temperature). Particularly affected will be coral reefs, borea
Fossil fuel burning(transport,industry,agrixcultre),urbanisation,deforestation(landuse chagees)->carbon cycle distrubances->greenhouse gas emissions->ice cap melting,change in precipitaion,,ocean circukation upheavel
Adaptation is a process through which societies make
themselves better able to cope with an uncertain future.
Adapting to climate change entails taking the right
measures to reduce the negative effects of climate change
(or exploit the positive ones) by making the appropriate
adjustments and changes. There are many options and
opportunities to adapt. These range from technological
options such as increased sea defenses or flood-proof houses
on stilts, to behaviour change at the individual...


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