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Global Warming

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          The greatest challenge and one of the most current and widely discussed issue that we are facing today is global warming. Global Warming, in term, is an increase in the earth's temperature on account of   fossil fuels, industry, and agricultural processes which is caused by human, natural, and other gas emissions. It has far-going   impact on biodiversity and climatic conditions of the globe.
          Global Warming affects the natural balance of environment. The world climate is going through   a significant change day by day. Some current trends plainly demonstrate that global warming is directly impacting on rising sea levels, the melting of ice caps and significant worldwide climate changes. To Larry Schweiger, President, National Wildlife Federation "There will be no polar ice by 2060...Somewhere along that path, the polar bear drops out." In short, Global Warming represents a primary threat to all living things on earth.
          There are many causes of Global Warming. The destruction and burning down of tropical forests , traffic clogging up the city streets , rapid growth of unplanned industries, the use of CFCs in packaging and manufacturing products, the use of detergents etc. cause Global Warming. Besides, overpopulation, deforestation are the causative factors of Global Warming. The setting up of mills and factories in an unplanned way has a great effect on environment. These mills and factories produce black smoke which gets mixed with air and increases the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) which is an important constituent of environment and is causing a warming effect on the earth’ surface. Burning of Gas such as Methane (CH4) and fuel also increase CO2 in the environment. Killing animals like birds, big cats, lions, tigers is also a alarming cause of Global Warming.
          The effects of Global Warming is very dangerous for our existence and survival. The sun’s scorching heat comes to earth in a direct way....


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