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Global Warming Is It Man-Made or Mother Nature

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Global Warming
          Is It Man-made or Mother Nature or Both?
Rowena R. Chaple
Ashford University
Dependency of Man on the Environment
SCI 207:
Mr. Bryan Lombard
August 29, 2010

Global Warming - Is It Man-Made or Mother Nature or Both?
Even though some people are skeptics and believe global warming is just a smoke screen or an environmental fad to get the government to fund programs for useless research and these funds could be better spent on other causes. There are other people who really take global warming seriously and work very hard to make the quality of life on earth better and be more sustainable.   While these skeptics voice their opinions, those who believe our earth is warming up have shown that indeed it is and   the human race is only partly to blame for the issue, that Mother Nature has her own agenda in the warming of the earth.   The skeptics feel that there is no conclusive evidence that climate change is happening, even though there is evidence of changes in the measured temperature of the earth, the skeptics feel it is a natural thing and nothing to worry about.   With warmer summers, colder winters, the variation in the precipitation around the world, the floods, the hurricanes that are getting stronger leads us to wonder. After years of some people believing and others being skeptical over the existence of global warming, it has been deemed a fact and no matter how we look at it, the hard truth is that humans may be causing part of it, but Mother Nature is causing the other part. If we continue to haggle over whether global warming is a real threat or not, we are wasting our time and resources of not finding a viable solution to global warming and are putting our planet at greater risk.
The believers think the increased temperatures of the earth prove that global warming exists as the main problem and it should be taken seriously. The skeptics believe the increase in temperature is just a natural happening, and if there is...


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