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Is Global Warming Real?

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Is Global Warming real?
 Global warming is the rapid increase in atmospheric temperature due to a large amount of greenhouse gases been emitted into the atmosphere. 1% of the Earth’s atmosphere is made of natural greenhouse gases of which comprises mainly of water and carbon dioxide. This natural greenhouse gases helps to maintain the Earth’s temperature by absorbing light from the sun and radiates it back to the earth as heat.
Human-induced Global Warming i.e. artificial greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere from cutting of trees, pollution, e.t.c.  has become a major issue in the past few decades.

The process by which the Earth heats up is called the Greenhouse Effect. This is caused by gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen trapped in the atmosphere, and does not let heat from the sun escape easily. This makes life on Earth possible to man. As a result of man-made greenhouse effects, the Earth has become increasingly warmer. There are hotter summers, glaziers melting, sea levels rising and the weather becoming unpredictable. And it is predicted that, rising of temperature especially by burning of fossil fuel, could send a lot of Earth’s land-dwellings into extinction. Hence, this is an issue be taken seriously.
For several years, there have been debates between the believers and sceptics about the causes of Global Warming. The believers argue that Climate change is man-made, while sceptics say it is a natural phenomenon.
Looking at some of the man-made greenhouse effects, deforestation is a vital one.
Deforestation is the process of cutting down trees for pasture or for industries and household of the ever increasing human population. Trees are responsible for drawing water out of the soil and releasing moisture into the atmosphere. Deforestation causes a disturbance in this circle. And also, burning of trees results in the emission of large amount of CO2 into the air. Going by the statistics compiled by UNFCCC (United Nations...


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