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Focused Free Writing

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Free writing (Karen E. Meissen)
Karen Meissen was an inspiring teacher because she was a family and an amazing teacher is does things to people and won’t let anything to expect anything back .She would stop by to anyone’s house and give something to them when they are not feeling well and would not expect anything return. She just go far and beyond there isn’t anyone like Karen Meissen she is amazing Mother, Teacher, Friend, family friend,. Karen would come to my volleyball, softball, basketball games when I use to play, she would bring her daughter Katelyn went to work with   and Karen I would come in and her daughter would come and play games with me, and I would have a fun day would just hanging out with her daughter Katelyn . Karen had cancer and for the couple   of months and then her cancer took over her whole body   it was super hard for everyone that loved her it was the saddest thing I heard since I knew her since I was 4 years old. If anyone knows her if was really hard not to know Karen Meissen you wouldn’t know what I am talking about it would be really hard not to know her everyone loved her. When I heard that Karen Meissen passed away I was shocked and balling into tears I could not believe that she was gone, this fast. It was like someone shot yeah and you couldn’t do anything about it.

Focused Free writing (Karen E. Meissen)
Karen Meissen was an inspiring teacher to me because she not only a teacher, a mother or and family friend. Karen was an inspirited teacher and one respected teachers you would ever know, she does things that you wouldn’t believe of thinking of. Karen went to my sporting events when she had time, and bring her kids to my sporting events too, they would come and cheer and after the game there they would give me a gift. Karen was special to me not as a teacher but a close friend. After my freshmen year I heard some sad news, my teacher told me to come to her office after school and talk with me, and she told me that Karen...


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