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Sperry Buisness Letter

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Sperry Top-Sider Corporation
191 Spring Street
Lexington, Massachusetts 02421-8045

To whom it may concern:

It seems like the new trend this year is wearing Sperry Top-Sider boating shoes. I have been purchasing this brand for about three years now, and I find your shoes phenomenal. I especially like the new designs that have been in stores recently. I would like to discuss future ideas for your brand.

Sperry Top-Sider shoes are usually leather, and I was thinking that you could try making shoes that are made of other materials as well. People enjoy wearing Sperrys even in the rain, but this could potentially ruin the color. Besides the fact that the leather can get ruined, it causes a repulsive odor when your feet get really wet. When you have been in the rain, you shoe also changes to a darker tint of brown. An idea would be to keep the same style, but try other types of materials. I really enjoy the way the shoes look with the leather, but I also enjoy wearing them at all times- even in the rain.  

There is a variety of Sperry Top-Sider items which appeals to a variety of people. Your company is starting to produce sandals, and wedges which are very comfortable like the well known original boating shoe. The high top version of the shoe was very creative. I adore how some of the shoes have sequins on them, and then others have an animal print. Most companies do not have as big as a variety, and are not that unique.

A lot of   people do not know about the Sperry Top-Sider brand. I would recommend trying to advertise more. You could try doing commercial advertisements, or putting ads on the radio. I receive many compliments on my shoes, but some do not know where to purchase them at. Advertising would most definitely increase your sales.

Sperry Top-Sider’s are very distinctive and that is what I love about them. The shoes are very comfortable, and extremely stylish.   Hopefully you take my thoughts and ideas into consideration. I enjoy your...


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