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Women's Indentity

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Christopher Willsey
Professor Carrieri
English 111, Section 049
26 September 2012
Women’s Identity
Some of the major themes of women’s identity that we’ve discussed so far and the connections and conclusions that we’ve drawn about the topics include ideas such as the self-conscious side to a women and the effects it has. What I have also concluded from the texts that were reviewed in class is how women can easily feel like an outcast. For example in “Her Kind” by Anne Sexton when she uses repetition with the line “I have been her kind” (L 7 pg. 699) she is talking about times where she didn’t feel wanted and out of place such as a witch is normally portrayed. To also grow on the idea that the poems are talking about self-conscious idealism’s that women have about themselves, is that women are constantly in doubt about their image and that can lead to diseases. In the poem “Anorexic” by Eavan Boland the whole story is about her personifying anorexia and using metaphors to describe it with lines such as “Flesh is heretic, my body is a witch, I am burning it” (L 1) she is talking about how she treats her anorexia as a person and she is burning it, or trying to stop it.
These or some of the themes and ideas that I have concluded with the time we had on women’s identity. That some of the major themes of a women’s identity could be portrayed as an outcast or extremely self-conscious. But these conclusions I’ve made are not to say all women are self-conscious and so,


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