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Censorship vs. Free Speech and Artistic Freedom

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Dunia Arteen
English 120
Mr. Flynn
Censorship vs. Free Speech and Artistic freedom
Throughout the ages, people practiced and enjoyed some of opinions and rights that had two different sides of acceptance in affirmative or negative ways.
      These differences delivered arguments about, should people go through these rights without any limitation by the law? Especially those related with the freedom of speech in its various faces such as media, arts and acts. One of the ways the American people use this freedom of speech and expression is through the creation of the art form known as music.
      Music's verbal expression bonds our society through our emotions and experiences. This fundamental right of freedom of expression is being threatened by public and governmental groups who believe they have authority to monitor and decide what others should experience.
We understand that the law negotiates the idea of music in terms of property rights, and if we only use the law as a tool to fight censorship or protect property rights, we will only intensify the present trend of music as commodity.   This undermines what is important about music: that it expands our knowledge, deepens our understanding, and enriches our experiences.
      Songs have a long history of contributing to our social, cultural, and political lives and this history should not be negated by actions that oppress the free exploration of ideas. We will use negotiation as the means to influence institutional practices around censorship in order to preserve these things that make music important to society.
We ask our institutions to do the same, to look beyond their legal rights as autonomous agencies and help us protect the idea of music art.
Artists and institutions are increasingly using law as a weapon to protect free speech.   But they are beginning to realize that this action is actually contributing to the demise of music. The alternative solution is to fight these...


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