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Name: Joshua B. Dalisay
Date: September 19, 2012
School: University of Southeastern Philippines
Level: 3rd Year College
Subject: Networking w/ Data Communication
Lesson: Network Topologies
  1.) Identify the various types of Network Topology
  2.) Compare the Different kinds of Network Topology
  3.) Give Examples of the Application of Networking
I. Introductory Activities
  A. Prayer
  * Teacher’s Role:
I will Lead the Prayer, Please stand up and put yourself in the presence of God.
Good morning Lord, I pray that this lesson will be absorbed by my student to increase their knowledge. Bless them that they will understand my discussion through your Guidance. Lord give them the strength, courage, and wisdom that they’ll need today. Sorry for all the sins that we have committed.   Amen
  * Student’s Response:
  B. Greetings
  * Teacher’s Role:
“Good Morning Class!”
  * Student’s Response:
“Good Morning Sir Josh!”
  C. Attendance
  * Teacher’s Role:
Raise your hand when your Family name is being called.
  * Student’s Role:
Sir Yes Sir!
  D. Review
  * Teacher’s Role:
Are you familiar with networking? What comes into your mind when you hear the word Networking?
  * Student’s Role:
No Sir!
Student 1: For me Sir, Networking is about Connection.
  E. Drill
  * Discussion, Question and Answer, Group Activity, and Quiz.
  F. Statement of Lesson Objectives
  * Objectives of the lesson are stated before the discussion starts.
      * Define Networking
      * Enumerate the Uses of Networking
      * Give Examples of the Application of Networking
These are the learning targets.
  G. Motivation
  * Simple off topic discussions, like what did my students do in their weekend, have they seen the movie “Pridyider”.
  H. Valuing
  * Networking is used by our generation today.
  * Technology makes life more easier/faster/efficient by using networking.
  II. Development Activities...


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