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Fatherless Child

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Things started off at a good start from the age of zero up to 7 years old. It was around my 8th birthday when my brother and I came home from school and heard my mommy and daddy arguing over some bills and groceries. My baby brother was crying in the other room but my mom and dad were too busy doing what they were doing. My mom told us to go to my room and cover our ears as we heard the mumbled voices of my parents. Things started to calm down just a little bit when it was time for dad to go to work. He worked usually Tuesdays through Saturday and come home Saturday nights. He was a truck driver so we only saw him on the weekends.
This one particular weekend, my daddy came home early from Texas and called my mom to come pick him up from work. So my mom buckled all three of us in the car and headed towards his job. When we arrived at the parking lot, there was another woman in dad’s truck claiming to be his girlfriend. My mom flips out and told my dad when he gets home to get his things and leave. My brother and I were crying as we were watching him pack his clothes to leave. I cried the most because I was and still am a “daddy’s girl”.
Years went by without me hearing from him or seeing him. My life, growing up, was a living hell. Watching my mom struggle with taking care of us had me thinking, “If my daddy didn’t cheat, we would still be a family”. I hated telling my teachers and friends that I didn’t have a father in my life because I would get picked on and laughed at.   Most kids at my school didn’t understand why I didn’t have a dad but some did. The therapist wasn’t a big help either.
I also had friends who were supportive and help me deal with the hateful feelings I had and still have for my father. I still love him with all my heart but I hate the fact that I had to grow up without him and deal with the stuff I dealt with when I needed him. I now learn from what I’ve been through and take it into consideration. I get to see every so often and talk with...


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