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Writing About Your Idol.

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Full name: Trần Thị Hoa
Class: English k15A
Topic:   Description of a member of your family
                                                                    My mother
          Nowhere is a good as home. Well, that is truth content. The family is the most home. No mobile travel anywhere, I always remember all members of my family. These people are essential for us. In my case, the person I most admire and esteem is certainly my mother who helped me to have persue a better life. My mother is fourty years old, but she’s still young. This is a say which many people comment so. She has long hair, dark eyes and a kind face. Specially, her smile is warm. This smile makes me happy every day. She is a person, I believe much who I can always share happiness and sadness. My mother doesn’t have free time. Because she spends most of time for doing household chore, cooking meals, cleaning the house, looking after my   younger brother. She is caring. Seldom does she have much time to shopping. Similar   to   other people, my mother just a normal mother in a small village.   I know that my mother also likes be disengaged, has much free time as other women. But because of my family’s circumstance, she doesn’t reveal. She has done many great things for family. So, she is the great mother. If I have time, in answer to the question of why I admire my mother, the point I want to make here is that she’s energetic passion. I’ll try to make my mother not disappointed. I aspire to follow in her footsteps so that I can be a better person and guarantee a successful future for myself. I secretly wish my mother will always be with me forever. I love her very much.
                                                                                                          The end!


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