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The Importance Of Memory

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Christopher Grzegorzewski
EMS 1010

The Importance of Memory, As It Pertains To Student Responsibilities

Memory is a key factor in being a responsible student.   Being a responsible student is very important in becoming a successful student.   In order to be responsible, the student must know all the class policies and remember them throughout the course of the class.   Memory of student responsibilities will help them to get the most out of the class that they can.   Responsibilities given to the student are there to help them, not to give them more information to remember.
If one is not responsible as a student, they will not be a successful student.   Being on time for class is one of the most important responsibilities a student has.   When they are not on time for class, they miss out on important information discussed in class.   The teacher does not have time or, for that matter, have to go over the information that a student missed because of being late for a class.   Time outside of class is time for a student to ask questions about the material covered, not for them to ask the teacher to repeat themselves because they were not responsible about getting to class on time.   Remembering to be on time for class is one of the simplest student responsibilities to remember.   It should be engraved in a student’s mind and be second nature to be on time for class, or any appointment, meeting, etc. that one has.
Remembering class policies is very important for a student.   It will help the student to be successful in the class.   Coming to each class prepared and with the proper class materials is a basic responsibility each student must understand and remember for every class.   Failure to do so may cause the student to be unprepared for necessary class lectures or projects.   A student who forgets there book, notes, or other class materials may not get the most out of the class.   The teacher may ask students to follow along in their book, or they may need...


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