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Social Dimensions of Teaching

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Introduction to the Social Dimension of Education
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July 18, 2010
Introduction to the Social Dimension of Education
By: G-one T. Paisones
1. How are the structural functionalism and symbolic interactionism related to education?
Structural functionalism stretched that the society is composed of various institutions that are dependents with each other.
Structural functionalism is dealing with the cultural, social, personality and actions system of every society. [PARSON]
Cultural system of a society provides pattern maintenance or harmony within the community. Social system of every society refers to the interaction, cooperation, social gathering of information towards the completion or attainment of goals. Personality and the action system are the behavioral and the fortitude organism that performs the actions of every society in a community.
The basic unit of the society is the FAMILY where love, cooperation, integrity, faith and knowledge begin. The society cannot exist without a family; hence family is the heart of society.
The second most important part of society is the SCHOOL. School performs an important function in building the society and the nation as a whole. School serves as an institution which provides intellect, knowledge and competitive education and skills of human resources as the product of the school-institution.
Therefore structural functionalism is related to education.
Symbolic interaction sees our selves as an engrave elements in social forces and social structures. Thus, the social self is an active part of society as a whole.
Therefore symbolic interactionism deals with socialization and interaction of everyone which is the main core of social dynamic fundamentals.
Symbolic interactionism states that human beings are...


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