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Hidden Conections Essay

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INTRODUCTION The book tries to bring what he calls the biological, social and cognitive life. For this purpose, the author works in depth each of these dimensions, breaking myths and presenting the latest scientific theories and discoveries in every branch. When approaching such dimensions, the author creates an entanglement between each dimension, a network of connections that is not separated in any way and lives constantly together. For the author, all aspects of life are interconnected, not only biological but also the social and cognitive. All of them act and react together, so that we can only understand one, when we fully understand all of them. The Fritjof Capra formulations on the new understanding of life are linked on a congenital form of intellectual and philosophical tradition of systems theory. The philosophical tradition, that defends the idea that the ecology does not separate humans from nature, and recognize the intrinsic value of all living beings. Capra's research in this book is focused mainly on the processes and patterns of organization of living systems, as Capra refers "... the hidden connections between phenomena ..." (page 9). Applying a systems approach to the social domain, the central theme that Capra develops in hidden connections, is the paradigm shift, or rather, a fundamental shift in worldview that is occurring in science and society, and developing a new vision of reality and social consequences of these cultural changes. As Capra refers "... creates a new vision of reality whose center is occupied by life itself ..." (page 9). In order to present a theoretical and conceptual framework to integrate the biological, cognitive and social dimensions of life, Capra offers a unified view of society and develops a coherent and systematic way of looking at some of the most critical issues of our time. Capra argues in his book, ecological literacy, the systemic and unified conception...


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