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Teaching and Learning Essay

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Title: Discuss the issues about ‘inclusion’ in the mainstream primary or early years context. What are the implications for learning and how might the class teacher address them? Focus Area: EAL |
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Teaching and Learning Essay:
Inclusion: English as an Additional Language
  English as an Additional Language (EAL) refers to pupils who speak another language at home and that this other language is their most prominent language, in other words their mother tongue is not English. Children with EAL should not be confused with children who are bi-lingual or children who grew up or spent time in another country but still had English as a first language. The educational system in the United Kingdom has always had to cope with the difficulties and challenges that arise in the teaching of children to whom English is not their first language. I will be attempting to analyse the methods that are used in schools to ensure that children who speak another language at home are given every opportunity to fully engage with the curriculum and acquire a well rounded and successful education. Never has the UK been more multi-cultural than it is at the present time, while I believe that this should be celebrated it does provide tests for teachers who may have children in the class who speak little or no English, and at the same time have to ensure that all the pupils in the class are being stretched. The ‘Department for Children, Schools and Families’ Standards website (Raising Achievement) has some facts and figures in relation to children with EAL which I found interesting. The article points out the following:
‘In England, 856,670 pupils are recorded as having a mother tongue other than English. This...


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