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Computers have emerged as fascinating technological tools in the
educational arena. Their use in classrooms as a tool for teaching holds a
great significance for language learning using computers in language learning
can go a long way in developing study skills in learners of English Language. Every learner is an individual with different needs and abilities of learning a language. Traditional methods of teaching a language placed the teacher in the role of a transmitter of knowledge while learners were seen as passive recipients of this knowledge. With the advent of the communicative
method of language teaching, the focus in the classroom shifted from the teacher to the learner. Current trends in the field of English Language Teaching focus on learner autonomy, learner involvement, learner-generated syllabi, creation of relaxed atmosphere for learning, and training to relate to need-based learning. As a result, the concept of individualized instruction is
subject and the relevant sources of knowledge. The main sources of information for a learner are: a) books, b) classroom lectures, and c) the world at large. Learners have to internalize the information provided by these sources in the most efficient way in order to retain and retrieve it when necessary.
When they move from school to college their horizon of knowledge is expected to expand. They are expected to take down notes while they listen to lectures in the classroom. They are also expected to seek information from various other sources and read more than one book for any given subject and assimilate the information presented in them. This requires efficient ways of
reading. They need to organize this information and present it in their assignments, examinations and projects. But when it comes to training in learners receive study skills in colleges at...


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