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Intelligent Agents

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No body can deny the important role World Wide Web (WWW) has played in providing users from all around the globe with loads of information and data bases. At the same time the emergence of the web caused a lot of obstacles in searching for the needed information. In this regard AI experts developed agent systems that provide users with assistance and advice for the efficiency of the information search road.

Agent based systems evolved to support other and endless applications, also multi agent systems were designed to ensure more accuracy in performing the tasks and to support distributed AI. Like any other invention, problems appeared especially when trying to relate agent system in any application, but at the same time the fast acceleration of those systems development didn’t slow down since they are useful in a lot of fields. Now days a number of projects are taking place to improve their functionality and capabilities.

1. Introduction

Online information retrieval at its beginnings used to be done by knowledgeable information seekers called intermediaries. Those intermediaries meet with users and individuals to help them find their desired information since they have the experience in finding user interest areas, but due to the emergence of the World Wide Web (WWW). And the amount of information it provided which caused overload and difficulty in finding the needed data, both experienced and inexperienced users need help in the search process to save time and effort, Borgman (1986).

To solve this problem, Artificial Intelligent (AI) experts developed software called intelligent agents or agents. The developed software can help users in browsing the related data bases provided by (WWW) more conveniently, and to ensure the relevance of the retrieved information, Tecuci (1998).

According to Russell and Norvig (2003), agent is anything that responds to the environment where it exists...


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