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A Study on the Function of the Classroom Activities in English Teaching and Learning

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Proposal for BA Thesis

I.Title: A Study on the Function of the Classroom Activities in English Teaching and Learning
  Most of the traditional chinese English teaching methods are deductive method, the role of teachers is to initiate knowledge. It does help students to learn new words and sentence structures, but it’s difficult for them to form deep impression in minds, what students learn is quite plain and striped-pants, students lose interests and emthusiasm in English learning gradually because   of teachers who hold this assumption view students as plants waiting passively to be fed and watered. Actually, classes should be learner-centered, with meaningful, functional activities, I think the students should be regarded as explorers, active learner who bring a great deal to the learning process. In order to achieve this aim, to let the students participate in modern classroom activities and learn it efficiently, this paper, therefore, tries to emphasize the sorts of the classroom activities and the function of it.
III. Literature Review
3.1 Previous Studies
    ZhangCaiFeng points out in her paper 《初中英语课堂活动的问题与对策》 that there are many problems in arranging classroom activities in junior middle school, also she illustrates some solutions to handle it. In Read and Write Periodical ,ChenHong paid more attention to the principles and methods of classroom activities design in her article 《课堂活动设计是提高英语教学质量的关键》。 《课堂教学是提高英语教学质量的关键》From English Corner written by LiXiangPing, he indicates the terms and measures of the success in classroom teaching and learning.《浅谈课堂活动和英语教学》 written by JiYing focuses on how to arrange English classroom activities.
    In most of the teaching methods and customs papers, they are always concerned about how to carry out activities in the classroom,   the important point we should pay attention to when arranging activities. And that these papers are always in their own teaching experience writing for the content and,...


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