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Mill for Making Activated Clay and Particle Clay

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Activated clay is a product of a kind of chemical industry produced by bentonite, has a variety of functions of the activated carbon, and the price is cheaper than activated carbon. Therefore, it is widely used in various mineral oil, grease industry animal and plant oil, solid, liquid paraffin, fatty acid, oil salvage, ethanol and benzene and decolorizing refined of petroleum industry. It can also be used as a wine and juice clarification, sugar juice purification of sugar industry, catalyst carrier of chemical industrial, add material of powder pesticide, etc.

    Activated clay is the main raw material of made by scientific formula and chemical processing. The appearance of particle clay is unfinalized small granular and has higher specific surface area and grain strength than activated clay, stable performance, good selectivity, and has the very high adsorption capacity, which is widely used in petrochemical industry aromatic refinement, aviation kerosene refining, as well as lubricating oil, base oil, diesel oil and other oil refined, removal of residual oil of olefin, colloid, asphalt, basic nitrides and impurity.

    There are a lot of grinding equipments for processing of bentonite powder, according to the finished product requirements of bentonite, it can be procedded by the corresponding grinding plant, mainly including raymond mill, powder grinding mill and raw material mill. The fineness of machined products of raymond mill is between 613 microns and 440 microns (0.613 mm to 0.44 mm), through the analysis of machine and fan common action, can meet use requirements of different users; Finished product can be adjust between 80-425 mesh range (the most fine 1000 mesh), through the machine increase in special device can out of 30-80 mesh coarse powder, yield of 0.4-9.5 tons/hour. The finished product fineness of tricyclic medium speed micro powder mill is 5 micron ~ 45 micron (325-3250 mesh), production of 350-6000 kg/hour. High pressure micro powder...


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