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"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself." - Diane

My Life

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I have come to acknowledge that someones' environment is what makes them a good or bad person. Though in this sense the word environment does not mean a persons physical surroundings. it means that a person is shaped from the words and behaviors of those around him. I remember going to church   the pastor said '' He who hangs around with wolves will learn to howl.'' I have been lucky enough to have a good wolves influence my life my parents and school.
Though my mother would always yell at me over things like watching TV and later doing my homework or skipping off on breakfast, she only did it for my good. My mother knows whats best for me and well just like any other teen i thought i knew better, i would rebel against my mother. Yet as the years passed on i became less rebellious and more prioritizing i came to realize that my mother was right. I put school before my social life. My father also impacted my life greatly. He is a hard worker, his occupation being a landscape worker; no set time in which he arrives home. he leaves at 6am and does not return until 3pm and sometimes as late as 6pm. Tired and possibly stressed my father arrives home with a smile on his face. He does his job with fluency and with grace even though hes out in the hot sun or freezing winter he does not complain. He once told me ''I do my job gratefully because i like it''. I knew then that i wanted to continue my education and on the path of a good career that may not give me a fat check i will be happy in doing.
School also played an aspect in my environment. How could it not have? A student is there for about seven hours a day five days a week. I was always that shy girl that kept to herself, i did not like group project, felt that i was better off doing it on my own.   i felt like the nerd in a classroom. yet my attendance at William J Pete Knight High School changed that,not the stereotypical high school one hears about. Pete Knight is filled with school spirit and with that being...


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