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Proppant Ceramsite Production Line

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raw material powder is stored in 2 or 3 bunks, which can either be used solo or multiple.
there is a small silo storing raw material powder under which there is spiral balance or belt scale weighing the raw material.meanwhile, flowmeter will control the amount of water in the plate pelleting machine when the raw material is becoming pellet of different size.
pellets coming from plate pelleting machine will go to seive by belt conveyor, in where qualified is sent to rotary kiln, others go back to break.
quantity of plate pelleting machine depends on capacity.
This pelleting system is highly automatic and consistent. The air is purified when bag filter is equipped.

Pellets are sintered in the rotary kiln with a certain inclination. while the kiln is rotating, pellets roll to the lower end in which pellets are sintered by the fire inflamed by coal powder.
single channel coal nozzle is simple, reliable and strong wind power; multi channel can reduce air quantity the coal need by 8%, increase the secondary wind in the kiln, saving energy.the latter is divided into outer axial flow, coal air and inner axial flow, shape of flame is easy to adjust.

coal powdering machine
Rotor balance or Kiln's blance can be adopted to control precisely the amount of coal, stablize temperature in the kiln
ball mill or vertical mill can produce the coal powder and the hot air from kiln can be used to dry the powder. the dynamic powder separator is able to adjust finess of powder in one's direction, helping coal burn fully.

pellets are chilled by rotary cooler, which is simple and reliable. the combination of secondary of cooler and multi channel burner will save a great deal of energy. the temperature of chilled pellets are very low, you can grad them by the hand.
http://www.shzbm.com rotary kiln
http://www.pe750.com aw crusher
the chilled pellets are taken to multi seive, classified to several specification.
ceramsite sand specification...


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