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Never Ask Your Mum

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Never Ask Your Mom
by Judge Howell

What should you do on a snowy day?
Don't ask your mom, is the first thing I will say.
It all happened on the 13th of   December.
A very cold day, I'll always remember.

You see the snow was coming down fast.
I thought to myself - How long will this last?
For hours I paced around my room.
Each minute lasting longer, I filled with gloom.

At my lowest moment, feeling quite blue,
I gave up and ask my mom what to do.
She said, "I'm glad you asked and let me tell you why!"
Oh, she had this awful twinkle in her eye.

"Oh son, you've make me the happiest mom alive!
Now go out there and shovel the drive."
I put on a coat and zipped it up tight.
I gave into her request without a fight.

I started out plowing; it's really a cinch.
Then I look around and only uncovered an inch.
Those snowflakes kept falling, one by one.
This is horrible, when will I be done?

My hands were frozen and my feet were numb.
Asking my mom what to do, sure was dumb.
I worked and worked and shoveled away.
I finally was finished, too cold to hooray.

I came in the house and fell to the floor.
My mom saw that I had finished my chore.
My teeth started to chatter, my body started to shake.
My mom took one look at me and said, "You need a break!"

"You shoveled the drive just like a pro.
How about some cookies and hot cocoa?"

I ate and drank and feeling a little better.
I changed my clothes and put on a sweater.
I've learned from this - here's a clue.
Never, never ask your mom What can I do?


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