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Science in the Service of Modern Housewife

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Science in the service of modern housewife

Introduction:The present age is the age of science. It has made everything possible. Science is giving its service to the housewives. They are taking advantage in every field. Today every woman likes to look advanced and science is helping them. The service of science to housewives-
In kitchen: science is serving to the housewives in the kitchen. It has given many useful instruments to them. Science has given them solar cooker, LPG , mixer and refrigerator. Solar cooker and LPG do not blacken to the pots. They have not to clean the pots with ash. Solar cooker saves the energy. They have not to grind spices with stones. Mixer helps them. Refrigerator protect their vegetables.
Cosmetics: Today every woman likes to look beautiful and charming. Science has made many things for them. Today women want to be more and more beautiful. Science has given them many cosmetic products. These cosmetic products are- creams, lotions and powders. These products are not only cheap but also easy to use. Science has given them many therapies and surgery. Some women think that they are not very beautiful. So they rely on aesthetic surgery. This surgery enhances their beauty and appearance. Aesthetic surgery is common in many countries. Aesthetic surgery is common in Germany, France and United Kingdom. Asia is the largest cosmetic market of the world.
Health and fitness: In ancient time, the women worked hard and they had good health. But their life style has changed now. They take medicine to look slim. They take slim capsules. They use machines for exercise. They do not go to run. They use vibrators to run.
Entertainment: when they complete their works, they have lot of time. Now they use T.V. , mobiles, radios and ipods for time pass. They work and listen to radios. They watch the news and events of the country on tv. In modern age, science has given them dish tv . if they have no time, they can record the program and can watch later....


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