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Hydroponics Marketing Strategy Essay

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Sow Easy Marketing Plan
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Table of Contents
Executive Summary iii
1. Introduction 1
2. Environmental analysis of Sow Easy 1
2.1 Current and future market situation 1
3.   Sow Easy objectives 5
4. Evaluation of strategic options 5
4.1 Generate Strategic Alternatives 5
4.2 Evaluation of strategic options 6
5. Development of positioning strategy 7
5.1 3 C’s 7
5.2 Branding strategy- Marketing Mix Strategies 7
6. Rationale behind marketing plan 9
References 10
Appendices 11
Appendix A 11
Appendix B 12

Executive Summary
This report is based on a miniature greenhouse named as “Sow Easy”. It is a new innovative greenhouse with unique attributes. This report covers the environmental analysis by including PEST analysis, value chain analysis, critical success factors, PLC in market, SWOT analysis, and customer analysis. Moreover, this report illustrates the objectives of Sow Easy that are deigned thoroughly. Furthermore, this repot discusses the evaluation of strategic options chosen for Sow Easy. Sow Easy follows the strategy of differentiation and market development. While entering in international market, it follows the strategy of export. This report gives a clear detail of the marketing mix strategies adopted by Sow Easy. Lastly, this report includes the rationale behind this designed marketing plan.

1. Introduction
Sow Easy is a new idea which has been developed for providing a low cost method and potential growth to the gardeners. It is a new product which is to be introduced in the market. It is a miniature greenhouse with organic pot, seeds, and watering system. For maintaining a long season of vegetables, a greenhouse is essentially required. This product is a highly technological product developed from investing on research and development to make a product that can meet with the current needs of the customers. This product is at initial stage and it is in market entry...


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