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Shortage of Energy

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Problem –Solution Essay topics

In our contemporary times, countries all over the world are facing various types of challenges. Egypt, for example, is burdened with problems after the Revolution of the 25th of January. Discuss any of the social, political or economic problems facing our country.
OR: choose any of the topics listed below.
NB: your instructor’s approval should be taken before you start writing your final essay.
  1. Water shortage.
  2. Shortage of Energy.
  3. Stereotyping of the Arab World.
  4. Education.
  5. Inequality.
  6. Discrimination/ Favoritism.
  7. Bureaucracy and Public Services.
  8.   Illiteracy.
  9.   Identity Crisis.
  10.   Illegal Immigration.
  11.   Abusive Media.
  12.   Cheating.
  13.   Bankruptcy.
  14.   Prejudice.
  15.   Gun Control.
  16.   Foreign Import Concurrency/Agreements.
  17.   Health Care.
  18.   Hate crimes/ Retribution.
  19.   International Threats.
  20.   Peer Pressure.
  21.   Safety Security.
  22.   Loneliness.
  23.   Voting System.
  24.   Discrepancy in Income Levels.

Topics have to be narrowed down as follows:
  a. What exactly is the problem?
  b. Where? (specific are od country)
  c. When? ( Mention a specific period of time)
  d. Who are the parties involved? Whose responsibility is it?
  e. Which aspect of the problematic issue are you discussing?
e.g.: Discussion of the problem of ‘pollution’ should be limited to one type of Pollution Only (air or water or food, etc…)
Discussion of the problem of Education should be limited to one type/stage of Education only (high school or university education).
    Introduce the problem (when, where, how, how serious it is, thesis statement)
Body Paragraph:
    Two/ three paragraphs, each paragraph introduces one cause of the problem
    Two/three paragraphs, each paragraph introduces the effects of the previous causes.


Express your owns thoughts and ideas on this essay by writing a grade and/or critique.

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