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Ball Mill Has Good Brand and Quality

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     The green industrial system is characterized by low input, high output, it develops economy with the lowest costs and protect the ecological environment with the smallest economy costs. From the content perspective, it demands to break the boundaries of administrative division, and build regional rational distribution of industry in accordance with the resource endowments balanced industrial system in a wider range; it requires to achieve the balance of ecological development and build a industrial system that is structure optimization, completed industrial chain, a reduction of energy consumption of resources quantify; in addition, it requires to give full play to the advantage of scientific and technological resources, and improve the capability of independent innovation, and build the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and industrial development of high-end, low-carbon, eco-modern industrial system.
     As the major domestic manufacturers of mineral processing equipment, the goal of the green industry should be included in the development plan. As we all know, the energy consumption of ball mill is relatively high in a large family in the entire mining equipment, which requires us to reform the existing technology to gradually and steadily achieve the transformation of the ball mill energy consumption, thereby reducing the damage to the environment and the consumption of the entire beneficiation process.
     The cone ball mill produced by Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery, the idea that it reduces the energy consumption is: horizontal cylindrical rotating device, rotation along with the outer gear, the two positions, lattice-type ball mill. Materials from the feed device are send into the compound empty shaft spiral, and then transferred evenly into the mill first warehouse, there are ladder liner or corrugated liner in the warehouse, there are steel ball with different...


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