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The Meathod to Improve the Vibrating Frequency

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  In order to improve the efficiency of the vibrating screen, we based on the actual situation, under the premise of meeting product granularity, use a larger screen machines, the larger effective screening area, and the higher screen surface non-metallic sieve surface as far as possible. Choose an appropriate shape of sieve to improve the capacity and efficiency of material particles. Reasonable choice of the vibration motor and adjust the exciting force vibration motors reasonable selection to affect one of the key aspects of the performance of the vibrating screen, vibrating force is the core factors affecting productivity vibrating screen. Furthermore, the vibrating frequency can also influence the operating frequency of the vibrating sieve.
  The increase of vibrating frequency can increase the beats of materials on the screen surface, so that the probability of the material going through the sieve could be large, which accelerate the speed of screening materials and improve the screening efficiency. But it will reduce the life of the equipment greatly. For the larger particle sized material, we should choose vibrating screens with a larger amplitude and lower frequencies. For the fine-grained material, we should choose screens with smaller amplitude and a higher frequency. The effect of screening depends on the nature of materials, but different screens for a same kind of material could get different results. For example, the screening efficiency of fixed sieve screening is much lower. For the mobile screen, the screening efficiency is proportional to the movement of screening surface.
  Under the surface of vibrating screen, the particles in the sieve are shaken on the direction close to the vertical mesh jitter, and the higher the vibration frequency, the better the screening effect; on the surface of shaking sieve, the particles slide along the screen surface. Due to the lower the shaking sieve shaking frequency than the frequency of the...


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